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The Labour Counsel offers unique HR, IR & ER services to companies, allowing us to effectively remove the risks associated with these areas of your business, instead of simply attempting to limit them.

We are the leading Industrial Relations law firm in the country. Specialising in CCMA and labour court litigation and creative solutions to minimise employment risks.

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We will reduce your Company’s CCMA caseload by at least 80% within the first year of engaging our services.
We eliminate the stress associated with technical labour matters and you will be assured of compliance with the governing labour legislation.
Your Human Resources will have greater availability to complete their key functions and the performance of your staff will be optimised.
You will be able to properly budget for all the legal assistance you require.
You will have an expert available 24 hours a day to assist with any labour related issues and you will be able to trust the legal advice you are given.

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Our Services

Representation in the CCMA, Bargaining Council, and Labour Court by a specialist, registered attorney, and/or advocate

When an employer is facing a dispute with an employee or union, it is important to have experienced legal representation. The CCMA, Bargaining Council, and Labour Court are all specialized forums with their own rules and procedures. TLC is familiar with these forums and can help to ensure that the employer's rights are protected and that the case is presented in the most favorable light possible. In addition, we can provide guidance on how to respond to questions from the other party's lawyer and how to navigate the discovery process. Ultimately, having an experienced lawyer on your side can make a big difference in the outcome of your case.

Management of all CCMA/Bargaining Council documentation.

Documentation submitted to the Bargaining Council or CCMA can be extensive, and it is important that all documents are managed properly. This includes ensuring that all documents are correctly filled out and filed and that any deadlines are met. The management of all CCMA/Bargaining Council documentation is the responsibility of the employer. This includes the preparation and submission of all required documentation, as well as the maintenance of accurate records. The employer must also ensure that all employees are aware of their rights and obligations under the relevant agreement. In addition, it is necessary to keep copies of all documentation on hand in case they need to be referenced at a later date. Failure to correctly manage all documentation can lead to delays in the process or even a dismissal of the case. As such, it is essential to ensure that all documents are properly managed from the start.

Independent chairing of disciplinary inquiries.

The role of an independent chair in a disciplinary inquiry is to chair the meeting fairly, impartially, and in accordance with the principles of natural justice. The process of chairing a disciplinary inquiry can be complex and challenging. It is important to ensure that the inquiry is conducted fairly and independently, in order to maintain the integrity of the process. One way to achieve this is to appoint an independent chairperson to oversee the inquiry. TLC can provide an impartial perspective and ensure that the inquiry is conducted in accordance with the relevant procedures. This can help to build confidence in the disciplinary process and ensure that its outcome is fair and transparent. Without an independent chair, there is a risk that the process could be biased in favour of either the complainant or the respondent. This could lead to unfair outcomes for all parties involved.

Training on CCMA/Bargaining Council litigation.

Training on CCMA/Bargaining Council litigation is essential for any practitioner who regularly appears before the CCMA or Bargaining Councils. Attendees will be provided with a comprehensive overview of the law and procedure governing CCMA/Bargaining Council litigation. We will cover these topics; preparing for conciliation; mediating a dispute; appearing before an arbitration hearing, and enforcement of arbitration awards.

Comprehensive preparation of company witnesses for CCMA/Bargaining Council litigation.

Comprehensive preparation of company witnesses for CCMA/Bargaining Council litigation is essential. It helps ensure that the company's case is presented in the best light and prevents misunderstanding and maximizes the chances of a successful outcome. There are a number of factors to consider when preparing witnesses for CCMA/Bargaining Council litigation. The witness must have a clear understanding of the company's position, policies, procedures, contracts, and other relevant paperwork and what they will be expected to testify to. They should also be familiar with CCMA/Bargaining Council rules and procedures so that they can be as prepared for the hearing. With proper preparation, company witnesses can play a vital role in achieving a successful outcome in CCMA or Bargaining Council litigation and minimize the potential for negative publicity.

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They have certainly made my job easier.
Not only has TLC assisted us with invaluable industrial relations guidance, in January of this year, they provided us with an informative training class to ensure our compliance with the POPI Act.
They are a solutions-driven business that prides itself on exceeding their client's expectations.